An Amazing 9 Month Time-Lapse Video

I love this kind of thing and I really wish I had thought to put one together for when I was pregnant. It is a great little reminder of the whole 9 months. Take a look:

If you have just found out you are pregnant then it is time to get out your camera.

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Six key reasons why you should choose a Montessori Antenatal Class

A little while ago I wrote a blog post about how the Montessori approach for guiding children in their learning seemed to fit wonderfully well with those parents who have focused on trusting the natural abilities of their babies and bodies to have the best possible birth experience. I am now extremely excited that my own son's Brighton Montessori school is offering what they call "Preparation for Parenthood" in my home town of Brighton and I have been finding out more about their Antenatal course so you can perhaps find one where you live (or of course attend this one if you're in the South East of the UK).

Here are the key similarities between a natural birth experience and Montessori teaching and why I truly believe that a Montessori Antenatal Class would be my preferred approach:

  1. In the same way as being overly monitored without cause during birth, the Montessori method discourages children from being obviously monitored for example taking exams and tests
  2. In the same way as how we truly appreciate medical staff to be available but not to intrude, a Montessori teacher is an "observer" of the child as they go about what comes instinctively to them
  3. In the same way as it is so important to control your birth environment and to feel relaxed within it, children are masters of their school room environment, which has been specifically prepared for them, rather than for the ease of the teacher.
  4. Just like the journey of birth it's key to be allowed to focus. Children in a Montessori environment spend a lot of time alone during periods of intense concentration. During these self-chosen and spontaneous periods, the child is not to be interrupted by the teacher
  5. We are all aware of some of the time limits which seem to govern 'medical' processes however there are no time limits for the child - she may work with whatever she chooses for as long as she likes.... and just like medical staff when a difficulty arises the teacher is able to step in and give help but is always careful never to give more help than is needed.
  6. ...and finally, just like mum, children work at their own individual pace and naturally develop their own rhythm and pattern.

What is included in a Montessori Antenatal Course?

Here are the four ways for how the 'Preparation for Parenthood' Antenatal course will help you:

  1. An overwhelming amount of information is likely to be thrust on you during your pregnancy. Learn to tell the difference between what is useful and what is not.
  2. Birth is the first collaboration between you and your child. Experience an intuitive and powerful relaxation technique that prepares the ground for that collaboration.
  3. There are many decisions you will make related to pregnancy, labour and life with baby. Practise using a simple tool that leads to better decisions, every time.
  4. Discover practical Montessori guidelines that help you create a nourishing physical, emotional and intellectual space for your baby from the start.

Key Information

The format of the course is based on 36 hours across 8 days and the times fit around families who work.

An interesting point to note is that this course length is twice the duration of any other antenatal classes in Brighton & Hove !!

Currently the course fee is only £275 per couple, so I'm sure these courses are going to be extremely popular. In fact if your not local or in the UK, it may be cheaper to pop on a train/plane and attend this course rather than one more local to you!

From my own personal experience of NCT antenatal classes I believe the depth of content is here is greater and although there are similarities between this course and HypnoBirthing in their focus on collaboration of mum and baby, again their coverage of breastfeeding and other parenting skills gives it a more rounded feel.

There's a wealth of information on their website, so rather than me duplicate it here, why not pop on over and take a look via this link.

I'd be really interested to have any feedback, especially from anyone who has been on a similar course in other area's or if you are able to attend this one.

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Live Birth Video

Well, the world is quite taken with the latest possibility of a birth video being streamed live to the comfort of your home.

Mom-to-be and Chiropractor Dr Nancy Salgueiro has announced that she will be live-streaming her third child's birth online from her home where she's giving birth to help change the visual blueprint most people have about the experience of birth. Nancy is planning on people seeing the whole birth process right from the very beginning to show how it is so different to what people have seen in films and on TV.

On her website you can sign up (give your email address and name) and you will get an email when labour starts.

Here's Dr Nancy's own words from her website:

?For me an empowered birth is one where I am the one who makes the decisions for me and my baby. Where I am in an environment of love, support, and respect for the power within my body to successfully birth my baby. Where I can be free to express anything I need to express; sound, movement, fear, love, ecstasy in a place that my expression will not lead to interference from the outside. I believe women have the ability to create an empowering birth experience regardless of if the birth outcome is natural, medicated, or surgical. † When women are making the decisions for their bodies and their babies out of education, faith, belief and confidence in themselves and not out of fear or manipulation they will be empowered.† I believe in the human body, in it?s power, and in birth?s ability to transform a person, woman, wife, and mother.?† Dr. Nancy, Your Birth Coach

One thing that I did wonder with all of this was whether this was really about a selfless act to share how wonderful birth can be or whether this also had a hint of alternate motives. This could be the huge sign up list Dr Nancy is managing to create and then maybe utilise, potential product launches following the birth or meeting other personal needs which may not be quite as healthy as simply the desire to share and help others. In the interests of sharing a balanced opinion I did do a search on other websites and also came across this blog post, from the title "The pathetic attention whoring of homebirth advocates" you may be able to tell that not everyone is completely behind Dr Nancy.

In summary, I will always be behind any opportunity for women to be more informed about birth. If seeing this video live helps that, then that's great. The important thing to remember is that every birth experience is completely unique and in the same way as women should not assume it's going to be an awful experience just because that's what they are familiar with, neither should anyone assume it will be a breeze. Focusing on having the birth that's right for you and your baby is a wonderful feeling, regardless of whether it's at home or hospital, whether it's natural, C Section, whether you used hypnotherapy, yoga, EFT, TFT, Reiki, angels, or whatever. Be informed and do it your way, it will be right for you.

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Help shape the next Psychology Of Giving Birth Programme

I was really hoping the visitors of this blog would be able to help me out with five quick questions I have. The birth programme I offer on my site has helped many people from many countries who now look back on their birth with joy, however one thing I have always promised is that the programme will continue to be updated as new information is available and also as priorities change for parents. Therefore, I will shortly be creating version 2 of The Psychology Of Giving Birth Programme and you can play a part in shaping it's future.

Whether you are a birth professional or a parent I'd love to hear from you and as a special thank you I will send you a completely free copy of the new programme once it's been updated!

Please click the link below to the survey. It will only take you a few minutes and I would love to have your feedback:

Juliet Eccleston

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by Juliet on 16/06/11
in Support

I recently attended a Master NLP Practitioner course with the charismatic Dr Richard Bandler (co-creator and creative genius of Neuro-linguistic Programming). After nine days of being in awe have now arrived back on planet earth and am looking forward to continuing to improve the birth programme with the new insights into the human mind which I have gleaned.

As well as the direct training I received, I also found out about a new 'hot off the press' tool which Dr Bandler has only recently publicised called the BrainFit.

Here's what Dr Bandler says about his new product:

"I have devoted 35 years to†developing tools to make the human brain more user friendly. I find the BrainFit to be of the most important new tools that can open the doorway to better quality of life.

I use the BrainFit on myself....I use the BrainFit on my clients. The results I get are astonishing. Better learning, sleeping, thinking...... the list goes on and on. I intend to use this device to create opportunity, success, and freedom.† Let the future be more wonderful!†?

Here's a list of the benefits of BrainFits Programs


Enhance your Sleep
Arrest Insomnia
Reduce Stress
Boost energy
Eliminate Jet Lag
Improve Sports/Physical Performance
Enhance Your Memory
Improve Your Ability To Relax
Rejuvenate Your Senses
Increase Your Brain Fitness
Helps Anti-Aging
Stimulate Your Creativity
Increase Your Income

It's worth noting that when you purchase BrainFit, this includes 30 days free access to over 450 life-changing programmes for Health, Relationships and Career Advancement. It's really not that often that Dr Bandler comes out with a tool such as this so I'll be really interested to see the types of positive changes people experience. As he said in London "It's not about you wanting to be happy it about just how much happiness can you handle!"

For more information about this tool, head over to the BrainFit website which gives you all of the information you need so see what difference it could make to you.

Juliet Eccleston - Publisher and Editor of

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