Fear of Giving Birth – Reframe with Humour

I absolutely love this video from Monty Python.

The interesting thing is that when this was produced back in the 1980’s they were spot on in so many ways. One interaction in particular was very insightful of them:


What do I do?


Nothing, dear. You’re not qualified!


Leave it to us!


What’s that for?


That’s the machine that goes ‘ping’.


It can really help to see some level of humour in things which cause us anxiety and this short video clip is a great one if you have any fears of giving birth. I remember when my home birth turned into a hospital birth and I had to try and get into the back of our very small car that I really did find it amusing. We live opposite a hotel and it was a Bank Holiday so there was a line of people eating breakfast watching my attempts. Thinking of how it must have looked from their angle did make me laugh, I bet they are still talking about it too.

Changing what you are seeing into something which is amusing can have a huge impact on how we deal with a situation, whether it’s imagining that spider wearing clogs and a top hat, the nasty teacher being on the toilet, or a hospital visit as a Monty Python sketch. By changing your experience in this way you are more in control, the experience will be reframed in your mind and your anxiety will be reduced.

Is there something which you are anxious about at the moment? When you think of it try adding a bit of comedy, speed it up so everyone voices go funny, make it go backwards and add a soundtrack. Really play with being in control of that experience. If you’ve heard of Benny Hill, the classic Yakety Yak soundtrack goes well!

If you have any more suggestions for things which have worked for you, I’d love for you to place a comment and share it with others.

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